• Scott Millar

Collider - Week 1 Wrap

Here we go!

Week one of Collider has officially kicked off and all I can say is 'wow'! Having just deferred a business degree, I was a little nervous that I may not learn as much as I need to to be able to run a business but after only a week in the accelerator I know I'll be fine.

The week started with the cohort all meeting each other and our entrepreneurs in residence. Leading the team is the phenomenal Alan Jones and by his side we have the excellent Ben Sharp to help with commercialisation and Peter Laurie to assist with product. The 12 week intensive program will see us learning from world class mentors with each week themed to teach us about a different topic. Everything you need to build a business, from customer to product, marketing and growth, all in the one place!

To be totally honest, I wasn't sure if an accelerator was right for BOP when I was applying. Were we too early, too late or just on a different track? I wasn't sure. I had heard a myriad of opinions and stories talking about how accelerators were only for a select percentage of somehow elite early stage companies looking for investment but what I have found is very different. Our Collider cohort is complete with a diverse range of startups, from early stage to established, we have them all! And what's even better, everyone is already gaining invaluable experience.

Week one has been very much centred around getting settled and positioned for a busy 11 weeks of mentoring, learning and growth. We are all still tidying up the financial and legal aspects of our businesses to build a really solid platform for growth but once that is done, we are full steam ahead into the bulk of the program.

Another aspect of the program that has totally delighted me is how kind and welcoming everyone is. From the other startups to the CEA team and the mentors, everyone is really lovely, genuine and is ready to help however they can. No one acts as if we are in competition and everyone is genuinely supportive which is fantastic.

So that's it from me for week one. I'm looking forward to sharing more about my journey and my learnings along the way and I looking forward to seeing you all follow along! If there is a particular aspect you would like to hear about, please let me know - I am all too happy to share.

Until next time,

Scott :)

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