• Scott Millar

Collider - Week 2 Wrap

The sun is setting on week two of the Collider accelerator and wow, what a week it has been! The majority of week one was spent settling in, learning about the program and getting to know each other, and now the rubber has definitely hit the road. 

With masterclasses, goal setting and meetings galore, we really got down to business this week with rapid results already evident. I’m already starting to see the days get longer, the meetings more intense and the productivity increasing as we head out of ‘the honeymoon phase’ and get down to business. 

This week started with the fabulous Ian Mason talking to us about how to identify our customer and how to truely understand what drives them and how your product links with that. This was then followed up by Rachel Neumann finishing off the week talking about how to get valuable feedback from our customers and then how to implement that into our product development and business activities.

Having the acting CEO of Virgin Startup and the past managing director of EventBrite Australia spending their days with us has definitely proven the calibre of phenomenal mentors CEA are able to conjure and boy have we been making the most of it!

I think one thing I am definitely finding at the moment is the noticeable growing pains. The list of things to do is growing and the time to do it is shrinking. It feels like if task 1, 2 and 3 are complete then boom, the recipe for a successful business is complete. Yet as soon as task 1, 2 and 3 are complete, 5 more tasks are unlocked. It's a never ending cycle but being in the Collider program seems to be unlocking extra motivation and drive.

I think my challenge for the coming weeks will be the sustainability of my working habits and also allowing myself to acknowledge when I am done for the day and need to switch off. It's easy to find yourself pulling 13/14 hour days in the office without realising it and then waking up after three or four of these extreme days finding yourself exhausted and in need of a nap and cup of tea.

Yet what I am also finding is that I find myself feeling guilty if I am doing any less. This will definitely be an interesting balance to find and one that I feel may be an ongoing battle.

Despite this challenge, I am absolutely loving the program, learning a lot on the way and can't wait to see what the coming weeks have in store!

Until next week,

Scott :)

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