• Scott Millar

Supporting and Connecting Queensland Writers

Hear about the network and community of Queensland Writers and the support out there for them!

I was fortunate enough to run into two wonderful ladies from the Queensland Writers Centre this evening. These lovely ladies work with the Queensland Writers Centre to support, grow and connect Queensland writers and with 2,000 members + 50,000 connections, they do a fantastic job at it!

Similar to myself, the pair are really passionate about encouraging creativity in STEM (making it STEAM!) and love to share their passions with anyone that will listen. They are doing fantastic work at the Queensland Writers Centre by providing workshops for writers by writers, hosting events and making connections. Backed by the Queensland Government, the centre seems to be going from strength to strength as they extend their reach to supporting all types of writers from film to fiction, bloggers and more!

Also had the absolutely pleasure of meeting their newly appointed CEO (announced today) Lori-Jay Ellis who looks forward to leading the centre into the future. 

To find out more about their work, head to www.qldwriters.org.au