• Scott Millar

The Wrap - World Science Festival 2018

After thousands of people, countless events and a mummy's coffin full of inspiration, the World Science Festival is done for another year; and what a festival it was! This year I was incredibly excited to be not only running 'Film Your Own Hologram' workshops with BOP Industries, but also attending and reporting as a Digital Ambassador.

Being a digital ambassador saw me meeting, interviewing and sharing the stories of some of the most remarkable people in business in Brisbane and in Australia. Getting to chat with the likes of 2017 Australian of the Year, Alan Mackay-Sim; rocket turned rock engineer Olga Sudmitsin; and award winning civil engineer Cheryl Desha. What fascinated me about all of these remarkable people was their passion for inspiring youth! All those I interviewed talked about how important the role of young people are in making a difference in the world.

The common thread between all of these discussions is that if you have an interest you just need to start. Starting can take many forms, such as:

  • Getting in touch with some local scientists, activists or leaders and seeing how you can help.

  • Learning as much as you can on the internet and applying this knowledge in your local community.

  • Getting involved on youth councils and committees.

  • Launching initiatives around your own home, school or community to start building good habits.

Whilst these may seem like simple things, they will build a really solid foundation of knowledge and experience and will give you a head start whilst also making a change in your community.

The Activities

The World Science Festival for 2018 also boasted a wonderful range of activities for people of all ages and interests. Guests saw free activities such as the Street Science in South Bank including hydrogen powered cars, baby animals and some of the coolest chemistry there is. Inside the museum we saw a range of activities on offer from the 'Film Your Own Holograms' to the 'Quantum Computing' and more.

For those looking for something a little more advanced, the festival also hosted a number of events and talks each night ranging from Extreme Cities to Bespoke Bodies. For those looking to get there hands on some seriously cool science, the museum also hosted a series of After Dark events with exclusive access to actives, scientists and of course the bar!

Wrap Up

The festival this year saw record numbers with such a diverse range of guests participating and learning about the latest and greatest in the science field. This was a fabulous four day festival that showcasing the fun and creativity science has to offer.

Hope to see you all there next year!