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Hi, I'm Scott!

I'm the CEO and Founder of BOP Industries, one of the top 30 under 30 business leaders for ANZ, Queensland Young Small Business Leader, APAC's Inspiring Young Leader, a two-time TEDx Speaker, Griffith University Entrepreneur In Residence, Australia China Innovation Centre Ambassador, and an LGBT+ advocate.

I started my company, BOP Industries, as a grade 9 business project with a group of friends when I was 14. What started as me and few friends selling keyrings at local markets has quickly grown into one of Australia's leading education companies.


It's been a rollercoaster of a ride, but along my journey, I've met with prime ministers, presented to CEOs, worked with companies big and small, and had the immense pleasure of working with over 100,000 students in over 36 locations around the world. 

Along this journey, I've found myself working with high-performing young people around the world who want to get a head start on their chosen pathway, and with industry leaders working to understand how they can best engage young people on their teams.  

These diverse experiences have provided me with a unique perspective on how young people can best prepare themselves for the ever-changing future of work, and how organisations can best attract, retain, and grow top young talent on their teams. 

Today, as a generational consultant I get to spend my time doing exactly this as I speak at events around the world, work with leading organisations, and research the role of Gen Z and Gen Alpha in the workforce of the future. 

If you'd like to see how I could help your teams with this, make sure to get in touch by clicking the button below! 

Scott Millar | Australian Keynote Speaker,Generational Consultant, Emcee

Scott Millar

Keynote Speaker | Panellist | Emcee


Email me at:

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QANTAS Travel Insider
Chatting with the QANTAS Travel Insider Magazine, Scott shares his insights on what Generation Z are looking for in an employer and how we can engage them on our teams. 

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GameChangers Podcast
Over a three-part series Scott dives deep into his story, motivations, adversities, and the lessons he learnt as he built his company BOP Industries. Make sure to tune in for a deep dive on Scott's story. 

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