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Keynote Speaker | Panellist | Emcee | Workshop Facilitator

Since his first presentation at age 14, Scott has been invited to present on stages across Australia and globally in countries such as China, Singapore, The United States and Canada. As he understands that every community, conference and audience is different, Scott works hard to tailor every presentation to fit with your desired outcomes and theme. His most popular presentation topics include:

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The Power Of Young Professionals  

With over half the population under the age of 30, companies big and small are looking at how they can attract, retain, and develop top young talent in their teams. In this presentation, Scott will unpack the key workforce trends we're noticing for Generation Z and Generation Alpha before then looking at some tangible ways we can attract top young talent to our teams. 


- Gen Z And Gen Alpha At A Glance

- The Traits Young People Look For In An Employer

- How Young People Can Diversify Your Thinking

- Impactful Initiatives To Cultivate Intergenerational Collaborations In Our Teams

Scott Millar | Keynote Speaker | The Future Of Work

The Future Of Work

Our world is changing faster now than it ever has before. With globalised teams, mass technology adoption, and shifting trends, all this change can be overwhelming and can leave us feeling uncertain about what our future might entail. In this presentation, Scott will unpack some of the trends we're noticing in the workforce of the future and how we can all find opportunity in uncertainty. 


- Our Accelerating Rate Of Change

- Workforce Trends For The Next 20-30 Years

- Jobs Of The Future & The Commoditisation Of Skills

- Strategies To Deal With Change

Scott Millar | Keynote Speaker | Co-Designing With Young People

Co-Designing With Young People

In our ever-changing world, organisations and systems are challenged to innovate or die trying. In this presentation, Scott will unpack how our teams can work with young people to co-design impactful and innovative solutions. Exploring trends around our 'Digital Natives', this presentation will take a magnifying glass to the largest generation in the world, Gen Z, as we find ways to engage them as future consumers and employees. 


- Generation Z At A Glance 

- Alternative Approaches To Innovation

- How To Co-Design With Young People

Intergenerational Learning Opportunities 

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Scott's Story - Alternative Pathways

As a Grade 9 student, Scott never thought that a high school business project might one day turn into a leading Australian education company. In this presentation, Scott will share his story from selling keyrings at local markets to travelling around the world working with CEOs and politicians. Scott will be sharing his experience taking an alternative career pathway and sharing some of his top tips for stepping outside of your comfort zones and making the most of our ever-changing future of work. 


- Scott's Story As A Young Entrepreneur

- How To Push Yourself Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

- Trends For The Future Of Work

- How To Bring An Idea To Life

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Our Digital Natives: Creating Future-Focused Learning Experiences For Our Next Generation

Not knowing a world without touchscreen devices, social media and wifi connectivity, Gen Z and Gen Alpha work with technology in very different ways to the rest of us. In this presentation, Scott explores how we can design and deliver real, relevant and relatable learning experiences for our students, touching on topics ranging from industry-aligned learning experiences to cybersafety, meaningful uses of technology in the classroom, cross-curricular projects and more.


- Emerging Trends In Education 

- Industry x Education Collaborations 

- Technology Use For Our Next Generation

- Cross-Curricular Learning Experiences 

Past Events

Delivering his first keynote speech at age 14, Scott has spent the past 9 years on stages around the world talking to audiences ranging from young people to corporates, educators, community leaders and more. Along his journey Scott has had the pleasure of presenting at events with the following organisations: 

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"Scott spoke at the Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship this year and was absolutely fantastic!  He was engaging, motivating and passionate about fostering the entrepreneurial mindset.  Both students, staff and leadership were glowing in their praise for Scott’s session during the Festival."

Somerset College | Gold Coast, Queensland

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"Working with Scott is always an absolute pleasure. Scott knows his audience and engages them so effortlessly. It is honestly wonderful to watch."

Something Digital Festival | Brisbane, Queensland

The Equipping Conference.png

"We were very lucky and honoured to have Scott join us at our first-ever Equipping Conference in Hervey Bay. Scott's presentation was refreshing, insightful and really engaging. We received many comments from attendees with so many positive comments and words about Scott's session on "The Power of Young Professionals". Scott was also very easy to work with, is truly an expert in his field and is also just an all round awesome Human. Highly recommend inviting Scott to speak at or attend your event"

The Equipping | Hervey Bay, Queensland 

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