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Gen Z - The Future Of Work - School Of The Future - Innovation

When he's not in the classroom, in the office or attending an event, Scott can often be found on stage talking to audiences ranging from 8 - 80 years of age to explore how we can all find opportunity in uncertainty. As a passionate changemaker and advocate, Scott has a great deal of experience on stage presenting at conferences, masterclass events, forums, and more with audiences from 50 to 5,000. 

Scott can be found presenting on a diverse range of topics tailored to the client's needs. His most popular presentations include:


Gen Z In The Workforce 

With over half the population under the age of 30, companies big and small are looking at how they can attract, retain, and grow top young talent. In this presentation, Scott will unpack the key workforce trends we're noticing for Gen Z and Gen Alpha and look at how we can attract top young talent to our teams. 


- Gen Z And Gen Alpha At A Glance

- What Do Young People Look For An Employer?

- What Do Skills And Perspectives Do Young People Add To A Team? 

- How Can We Create Reverse Mentoring Opportunities For Growth?

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The Future Of Work

Our world is changing faster now than it ever has before. With globalised teams, mass technology adoption, and shifting trends, all this change can leave us feeling overwhelmed and sometimes uncertain about what our future might entail. In this presentation, Scott will unpack some of the exciting trends we're noticing in the workforce of the future and how we can all find opportunity in the uncertainty. 


- What Exactly Is Innovation?

- Workforce Trends

- The Jobs Of The Future And How They Link To Careers Today

- The Exciting Opportunities In Our Everchanging Future

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Co-Designing With Young People

In our ever-changing world, we're all looking for new and exciting ways of doing things. We're all looking to innovate. In this presentation, Scott will unpack how we can work with young people in our community to co-design truly impactful and innovative solutions. Breaking down the fear around innovation being deep tech and instead looking at the simple innovations that make a big difference. 


- What Exactly Is Innovation

- The Benefits Of A Co-Design

- How To Co-Create With Young People

- How To Maximise Your Impact

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Scott's Story - Alternative Pathways

As a Grade 9 student, Scott always thought he was going to be a commercial airline pilot and never thought that a high school business project might one day turn into a leading Australian education company. In this presentation, Scott will share his story from selling keyrings at local markets to travelling around the world working with CEOs and politicians. Scott will be sharing his experience taking an alternative career pathway and sharing some of his top tips for stepping outside of your comfort zones. 


- Scott's Story

- Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones 

- The Exciting Opportunities For Young People Today 

- Top Tips For Pushing Yourself Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


Building A School Of The Future

As part of his role Scott has had the pleasure of working between industry and education for the past eight years as a student, an entrepreneur, and as an educator. In this presentation, Scott will be sharing his insights into how we can all deliver future focussed educational opportunities for our students, and how we can help prepare our young people for an ever changing future of work. 


- What Does A School Of The Future Look Like?

- Schools Around The World Leading The Way 

- Top Education Trends To Follow

- How To Create Impactful Learning Opportunities For Your Students

Past Events

Delivering his first keynote speech at age 16, Scott has spend the past 6 years on stages around the world talking to audiences ranging from young people to corporates, educators, community leader and more.


Along his journey Scott has had the pleasure of presenting at events with the following organisations: 


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