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"In the industry we have the power of one person, in the classroom we have the power of an entire generation."

Scott Millar

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From Local Markets to Global Business

It's been a pretty wild ride since we did our first Sunday market in Brisbane at age 14 back in 2014. Since then we have seen the business grow from those early market days to then jumping on the ecommerce bandwagon and growing to the point where we were shipping hundreds of units a month. From there we were introduced to the technology space through holograms and now we're working in technology and education as we work to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators. 

It's been a pretty wild ride but I have loved every second and learnt a fair bit along the way. I've put together a collection of some of my favourite interviews for you to hear a bit about my story and some of my top tips. 

My Story - Lessons From Success Podcast

Lessons From Success With Scott Millar - Brynn Turner
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My Technology Adventures - Moonshot Podcast

Moonshot Podcast with Scott Millar - Daniel Smalley
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My Education Experiences - Edunauts Podcast

Edunauts Podcast with Scott Millar - Jonathan Nalder
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