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Scott Millar - Keynote Speech At The MFAA Future Matters Conference 2023

Understanding Your Next Generation Of Consumers And Employees

Keynote Speaker | Generational Consultant | Emcee

SM | Scott Millar

Keynote Speaker - Panel Moderator - Generational Consultant

"Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones."

Scott Millar is a business leader, keynote speaker, and generational consultant on a mission to help organisations navigate the ever changing future of work. Launching his business in early high school, Scott has spent the past 10 years working with young professionals and business leaders around the world to explore how technology and innovation are changing the way we live, work, and learn. 


As one of Australia's top 30 business leaders under 30 years of age, Queensland’s Young Small Business Leader, APAC's Inspiring Youth Leader, two-time TEDx Speaker, and LGBT advocate, Scott is passionate about inspiring others to seize opportunities in their digital world. 


A passionate advocate for Generation Z, Scott brings a wealth of expertise on navigating the dynamics of multi-generational workplaces. His globally recognized approach blends research with real-world examples, earning him a reputation as a leading generational consultant. Scott's work focuses on helping organisations foster impactful intergenerational collaborations, empowering teams to thrive in today's innovation economy.

Scott Millar - As Seen On
Meet Scott Millar
Scott Millar - Keynote Speaker, Panellist, Workshop Facilitator, Emcee

Emcee - Speaker - Facilitator

Scott is a leading keynote speaker and has been presenting on stages across the country and around the world for close to a decade. Scott's speaking experience includes:

+6 Countries

Over the past eight years, Scott has delivered presentations in Australia, China, America, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore.

+80 Publications

Scott has conducted interviews with over 80 publications around the world ranging from TV to radio, newspapers and more. 


Scott has travelled over 350,000 kilometres to deliver presentations, workshops and join panel discussions at various conferences and events.

+50,000 People

Across all of his speaking engagements, Scott has presented to over 50,000 people. 

Recent Events

As a generational consultant, keynote speaker and facilitator, Scott has the pleasure of speaking to students, young professionals, educators, and senior leaders in his diverse range of speaking engagements each year. Below is an overview of some of the events Scott has spoken at recently:

Catch Scott In Action

As well as delivering presentations at events, Scott frequently sits down for interviews to share his insights exploring how we can all work to prepare for an ever-changing workforce of the future, and build adaptable teams to thrive in this uncertain future. Here are some samples of Scott's work:

Your Future Consumers

MFAA Future Matters Conference | ICC Sydney

Join Scott as he explores how brands can better engage Generation Z and Generation Alpha as future consumers and future employees. In this presentation, Scott unpacks some of the trends brands should consider as they look to engage Generation Z and Generation Alpha as customers and employees.

Gen Z In The Workforce

QANTAS Travel Insider Magazine 

As managers around the world work to understand how they can best attract, retain, and grow top young talent on their teams, Scott sat down with QANTAS Travel Insider to share his insights and advice on what young people are looking for in their employers. 

Scott Millar - Digital Literacy vs Digital Confidence

Digital Literacy vs Digital Confidence  
As technology continues to change the way we live, work, and learn, Scott shares his insights on the need for us all to not just be digitally literate, but digitally confident

Qantas Travel Insider
Game Changers Podcast - Scott Millar Unpacking The Young Entrepreneur's Journey As He Shares His Learnings.jpeg

Young People In The Workforce
In this three-part series Scott dives deep into his story, motivations, adversities and lessons learnt as a young person in business. 

Instagram Feed 

If you're wanting to follow Scott's day to day as a young business leader, generational consultant, and keynote speaker, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

Alternatively, click here to follow him on LinkedIn!

Along his journey, Scott's work has been featured and shared in a range of different publications. These include:

Scott Millar As Seen On
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