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Press Play On Thriving In The Future Of Work - Westpac The Youth Network (TYN) Summit

As technology continues to change the way we live, work, and play, organisations around the world are looking at how their teams can use digital tools to transform the way they work and the products they offer.

To help unpack the role of technology in the workforce, Scott was invited to present to over 600 Westpac staff members at the Westpac TYN (The Youth Network) Summit in Sydney with a presentation titled 'Press Play On Thriving In The Future Of Work'.

Chatting to an audience of young professionals from across the organisation, Scott's presentation challenged attendees to 'get comfortable being uncomfortable' as we all navigate the ever-changing future of work.

Over the course of the presentation, Scott explored the emerging technologies that are changing the way we live and the way we work, the jobs emerging as a direct result of this technology uptake, the in-demand skills for professionals around the world, and the organisational trends that are set to shift over the coming years as we find ourself in a workforce where purpose is the new profit, and digital connection is key.

Exploring case studies from around the world, sharing insights from organisations big and small, and posing big questions to the audience, Scott challenged the audience to think big about their futures as young professionals navigating our digital world.

Scott's key takeaways for this presentation included:

  • Those That Embrace Innovation Will Soar, The Others Will Be Left Behind: Digital tools such as artificial intelligence, automation, and extended reality are here to stay. The companies and professionals that lean into these technologies will be able to offer a superior product for a lower price with fewer resources to their customers. Those who stick their head in the sand will be left in the dust by their competitors.

  • Technology Is Allowing Us To Be More Human: Whilst some may think that technology continues to isolate us more and more, technology is letting us get back to doing more of the human things. We're continuing to see digital tools automating the time-consuming and mundane parts of our jobs and our lives, allowing us to get back to connecting and collaborating with each other. Skills around communication, collaboration, and creativity are more important now than ever before.

  • Intergenerational Collaborations Are The Key To True Innovation: There is strength in diversity. In today's world, a team comprised of diverse ages, backgrounds, and perspectives will always come up with the most impactful solutions, the most innovative ideas, and the most dynamic ways of working. Ensure that you have a diverse range of people around you and challenge yourself to see what you can learn from every encounter you have.

To book Scott to come and speak at your next event, make sure to submit an enquiry by following this link:

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