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Talking To Parents And Employers About The Power Of Young Professionals In Hervey Bay

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Scott Millar Keynote Speaker - Engaging Young People In The Workforce

With current research predicting that young people today are expected to change careers every seven years, young people today are already taking a very different approach to their work when compared to their parents and grandparents generations.

As a fellow Gen Z (born between 1995-2010) Scott had the pleasure of travelling to Hervey Bay to speak at an event hosted by the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre for parents and local employers to unpack what the future of work might look like for young people in the local community.

The event kicked off with Scott delivering a keynote speech on 'The Power Of Young Professionals' as he explored the workforce trends that experts are noticing as generation z make a start on their careers. These include:

Scott Millar Keynote Speaker - Generation Z In The Workforce

- Motivated By Impact: Young professionals under the age of 30 are willing to take up to a 30% pay cut to work for a company or a cause that they truly believe in.

- Flexible Work Arrangements: 70% of Australians under the age of 35 would be willing to consider working as a freelancer as opposed to being in a traditional 9-5 job.

- Diverse Career Pathways: Young people finishing school today are expected to work for on average 17 different companies across 5 different industries over the course of their career.

After sharing these insights, Scott then shared some examples of how organisations around the world are working to attract, retain and grow top young talent with flexible working arrangements, community leadership opportunities, and established mentoring programs. In addition to this, he also profiled some leading young Australians that have taken an alternative approach to their career pathways, looking at the opportunities that helped them get to where they are today.

Scott Millar Panel Discussion - The Power Of Young Professionals

From there, Scott jumped on a panel discussion moderated by Cate Akaevka from the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and featuring Michelle Hay from the University Of The Sunshine Coast and John Shelford from Downer Group, a leading employer in the region. On the panel, the group unpacked their own insights from a tertiary, industry and K-12 perspective as they explored how the workforce has responded to globalisation, increased technology, and the effects of COVID. In addition, they also discussed practical tips and advice for parents wanting to support their young people, local employers looking for top young talent, and young people themselves wanting to make a headstart on their careers today.

To book Scott to come and speak at your next event, make sure to submit an enquiry by following this link:


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