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What IT Jobs Will Look Like In 10 Years - Australian Computing Society

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Scott Millar Panellist Discussing The Future Of Work At Australian Computing Society Event In Brisbane

Technology is advancing faster now that it ever has before. For me as someone born in the year 2000, I don't know a world without wifi, touch screen devices and social media and because of this, research shows that my generation, generation z, think very differently about technology compared to other generations that have come before.

To discuss this, and the effect this has on the workforce, I had the pleasure of joining a panel discussion at the Australian Computing Society Nation Summit in March.

Joined by a standout line up of industry leaders, recruitment specialists, educators and technology experts, we had a robust discussion of how IT jobs have changed over the past 10 years and how they will continue to change over the next 10.

With increasingly globalised teams, we discussed the effect the mass work from home adoption caused by the pandemic has had on our work force as life returns to a new normal, and we also discussed how the pandemic has affected the way we use technology to connect and collaborate.

I particularly enjoyed exploring the human side of IT roles as part of the discussion. Many of us automatically think of software developers when it comes to careers in technology, and whilst those are incredible career pathways for some, I also love to explore the creative and human centred roles in IT. Over the course of the discussion we debated the ethical side of tech development and how increases in tech capability mean more time spent looking at the human side of tech.

I had a brilliant time on the panel as we shared our insights to an audience of technology professionals, recruiters, and human resource teams. I for one am very excited about what the future of technology has in store.


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