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Engaging With Our Next Generation Of Digital Natives - Clubs Australia National Summit

Updated: Jan 9

With a rise in artificial intelligence, social media, extended realities, and robotics, our world continues to become more digital every day, and organisations big and small are being challenged to innovate to keep up.

Scott Millar Clubs Australia National Summit - The Power Of Generation Z Keynote Speaker

As venues such as leagues clubs, bowls clubs, and RSLs looking for new and exciting ways to attract young people to their venues as patrons and employees, Scott was invited to present to the Clubs Australia National Summit to share his insights on the next generation of employees and consumers.

Currently, there are 2 billion Generation Zs around the world, and by the end of 2025, it is expected that we will have a population over 2.2 billion Generation Alphas. Whilst they may be young now, these generations are growing up quickly and each year become a larger part of the talent pool and the consumer market.

In a presentation titled 'The Power Of Generation Z', Scott unpacked what Generation Z are looking for as future consumers and as future employees in today's digital world. Exploring the new and emerging technologies changing the way we live, the digital world in which Gen Z has grown up in, and the things young people look for when engaging with organisations, this action-packed presentation challenged the audience to think big when it came to their digital futures.

Some key takeaways from this presentation included:

Meet Them Where They Are

If you're looking to engage directly with young people, make sure to spend time on the platforms they hang out on. The number of young people on Facebook and Twitter is dropping dramatically with the majority of Gen Zs opting for Instagram and TikTok as their platforms of choice.

Invest In Your Digital Presence

Growing up in a technological world, this next generation lives and breathes all things digital. For them to notice your business you must have a strong website and social media presence. Spend time creating content your customers will love, and making sure that you have a great digital experience for your customers.

Look Globally

The good news is that this isn't a challenge unique to your business or industry. Organisations around the world are working to find new and exciting ways to engage with Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Do some research to see how other brands are doing it and localise your favourite ideas to your community.

Empower The Young People On Your Team

Whilst appealing to Gen Z might seem daunting, it is something that will come naturally to the younger members of your team. Empower them to lead the youth outreach for your business or work collaboratively with them as an intergenerational team to develop impactful initiatives to engage your next generation of consumers and employees.

To book Scott to speak at your next event, make sure to submit an enquiry by following this link:


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