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How Can We Better Engage Young People In Community Leadership? Lions Club International Convention Montreal 2022

Updated: Jan 9

Scott Millar International Keynote Speaker Montreal Lions Club

Young people today are intensely passionate about the state of our communities and how they can make the world a better place. A recent study by UNICEF and Gallup found that children and young people are nearly 50% more likely than older people to believe that the world is becoming a better place with each generation. The same study also found that nearly 75% of young people believe that governments should be doing more to address climate change, and 58% believe that political leaders should do more to listen to young people.

With so many young people so passionate about making the world a better place, why are so many community organisations struggling to get the next generation to join them to help make an impact in their local community?

To explore this, Scott was invited to Montreal, Canada for the Lions Club International Convention to share his insights on how Lions Clubs around the world can better engage and empower young people to make real change in their communities.

Speaking to an audience of 750 Lions District Governors the presentation titled 'The Power Of Generation Z' explored our next generation of young people completing their studies and entering the workforce, and what it is they look for in organisations they wish to work with and work for.

Scott Millar Keynote Speaker | Youth Advocacy, Leadership, Innovation, Community

Over the course of the presentation, we unpacked some of the emerging trends for Generation Z as they enter the workforce, and looked at how communities, organisations, and causes around the world are attracting top young talent to support them as they navigate our ever-changing future.

The presentation featured a number of key takeaways for the Lions Club District Governors to take back to their communities, including the following:

Reverse Mentoring Opportunites

Young people have so much they can learn from those more experienced in their field. However as we all navigate our increasingly digital world, there is a lot that we can all learn from our next generation of digital natives. Create mentoring opportunities with the young people on your team, but approach every mentoring meeting with something to teach, and then something you would like to learn. This is how truly impactful reverse mentoring opportunities can be created.

Youth-Led Social Enterprises

Recent studies show that for young Australians aged 15-25, 8/10 want to be their own boss and 4/10 want to start their own business. Our next generation are incredibly entrepreneurial and are looking for ways to build their entrepreneurial skills whilst also making an impact. Consider starting a youth-led social enterprise in your community that allows students to exercise their entrepreneurial skills, build their experience, and make impact.

Designed By Young People, For Young People

If you are looking to engage young people on your team, why not ask them what they are looking for. Generation Z think and work in very different ways to other generations that have come before and as such, often resonate with initiatives, content, and campaigns that have been designed by young people for young people. Consider forming a youth advisory board, or empowering a young person on your team to manage your youth outreach.

To book Scott to speak at your next event, make sure to submit an enquiry by following this link:


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