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Exploring The Future Of Education At The Innovation In Education Festival Brisbane & Perth 2022

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Intergenerational Collaborations In The Workforce At The Innovation In Education Festival Perth & Brisbane

With the future of work is changing at such a rapid pace, educators around the world are looking at how they can find new ways to prepare their students for life outside the school gates, and industry leaders are working to building pathways for students from the classroom to the workforce.

To explore the future of work, the future of education and what that means for our young people, the Innovation In Education Festival brings together hundreds of education and industry leaders in Brisbane and Perth each year for a two-day conference full of keynote speeches, panel discussions and hands-on masterclasses.

Scott Millar | Young Entrepreneur, Emcee, Youth Advocate In Brisbane And Perth

To emcee both events, Scott had the pleasure of collaborating with Meagan King, the Director Of Innovation at Methodist Ladies' College, Claremont. As co-emcees, Scott and Meagan were living examples of intergenerational collaborations in the workforce as Meagan brought decades of education experience in classrooms across the country, and Scott brought a contemporary understanding of what young people and industry leaders were looking for in education and workforce opportunities.

Over the course of both the Brisbane and Perth festivals, Scott and Meagan shared emcee duties, moderated panel discussions, ran competitions, and ensured attendees from both education and industry were engaged and the key themes from each presentation were being translated into tangible takeaways for all attendees.

If you'd like to get Scott emceeing your upcoming event, make sure to submit an enquiry by following the following link:


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